Photo by Erica C Taffany

I am a mostly self-taught artist from Columbus, OH specializing in acrylic painting, illustration, and mural art. I am also a licensed social worker with experience counseling youths and adults with mental health issues.

My art first sprang from an unquenchable desire to draw throughout my childhood, then began to transform when I was twelve and had my first depressive episode. At twelve, art became a way for me to explore and understand despair and the human experience of suffering. Through the last two decades of my life, I have used art as a way to process and heal through what I now know is bipolar disorder.

I began painting in large format so that I could be consumed by comforting colors and soft edges. My paintings serve as a refuge from the dark chaos of the mind, as a reminder of the quiet, safe, simplicity my soul longs for. When my mind has proven to be incapable of providing a healing landscape for itself, the art is there.

My mission is to add pockets of healing landscapes into public spaces. I am currently working with Community Refugee and Immigration Services to bring color and representation to the walls of Columbus Public Schools, and I am working towards integrating large-scale healing art into our current barren walls of mental health and addiction facilities, low-income neighborhoods, and other areas where people need quick and free relief from struggle.

If you would like to collaborate, or are interested in buying a piece or supporting my mission, please E-mail me at: